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Gas Line Repair Services in San Diego and East San Diego County

Gas Line Repairs San Diego CAWhether you use natural gas or propane, you should never mess with the gas line. Damaged and defective gas lines can cause serious problems not only to your property, but also to the health of your family. It is highly recommended that you call a certified crew member to inspect your gas pipes every year to prevent any potential issues and leakages.

We specialize in gas line repairs in San Diego and East San Diego County. Our crew members are fully licensed, insured and bonded. We use expert knowledge and experience gathered over the years to handle any gas line repairs safely. Our familiarity with the various gas lines makes us the best team for the job.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you call us, we will arrive at the exact time you need us. Service is our focus and we guarantee your satisfaction 100%.

Give us a call at (619) 749-5444 to schedule a gas line repair service today.

Signs You Have a Gas Leak

Gas line leaks are one of the most common and dangerous problems. There are some signs that can help you recognize you have a gas leak. They include:

Sulfur Smell

Natural gas is usually odorless. However, the gas used in homes has a sulfur smell added to make it easy to detect in case of a leak. If you smell this in your home without a cause, it is recommended you vacate the building, turn off the gas main if possible and call us immediately to help you locate the source the leak and fix appropriately.

Hissing Sound

As natural gas escapes from a broken or faulty pipe, it often makes a hissing sound. Therefore, if you hear a hissing sound, there is a good chance you have a gas leak. The louder the hiss, the bigger the gas leak.

Unusual Increase in Your Gas Bills

In some cases, the leak may be hidden from our sight and the gas keeps leaking silently. This can make your gas bill to increase. If you notice an unusual increase in your gas bills, you should call us to help you find the hidden gas leak and fix immediately.

We provide reliable and affordable gas line repair services in San Diego and East County San Diego. Gas leaks are dangerous and it is important that you do not attempt to solve the problem on your own. Call our punctual team members at (619) 749-5444 to schedule a service.

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